All volunteers must complete a background check and attend a Virtus session.

“Be home before the streetlights come on.” How many of us remember mom saying this when we were children? Those of us who do remember this also remember that it was a different world we grew up in. Some of us grew up in the suburbs, others in tenements. But, despite the different environments, we heard mom say this almost every day.

Mom trusted in the safety of her children. If she wasn’t there personally to watch over us at every minute, there was another mom who was. And every mom took responsibility for all the children who she watched playing together.

Today, it’s very different. There are few of the close-knit communities where children are the responsibility of every adult. There are few adults who are even given the opportunity and authority to watch out for any children other than their own.

This is the purpose of Virtus training. Virtus is a positive and proactive method for each and every adult to be aware of what is happening to the children around them, recognize if something doesn’t seem right and know what to do if they see anything that might harm a child.

Virtus focuses on the three core actions of awareness, recognition and action. It helps to create a safe environment for all children by making every adult the eyes and ears of Christ who showed his love for them and told us that we must be like them if we want to enter his Kingdom.